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Rethinking cathodic corrosion protection KKS

Our intelligent KKS system puts an end to corrosion damage.
Thanks to simple installation, a decentralized control system and external monitoring, corrosion is quickly and gently eliminated during repairs and sustainably prevented in new buildings.

modular. safe. economic.

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KKS – for whom?

Are you a civil engineer or architect planning the construction or repair of bridges or tunnels? Or are you a real estate manager and operate an underground parking garage?

Are you familiar with the “spectre of corrosion” and want to prevent it or already have to tackle it? Of course, the whole process should be carried out with the least possible disruption to the structure, with minimal downtime and closures. Cathodic corrosion protection solves your problems.

KKS explains

Cathodic corrosion protection is a process in which a metal is protected against corrosion by forcing it to undergo a cathodic reaction.

By using an external power source, the metal is turned into a negative pole (cathode), which protects it from corrosion. This is done by shifting the corrosion potential of the metal to a lower level, which slows down or even stops the corrosion process. The use of this protective measure can extend the service life of the structure and ensure protection against corrosion.

KKS is often used for metal structures that are in a corrosive environment. The huge advantage of KKS is the minimal intervention in the structure, monitoring from outside and the elimination of supports and reduction of downtimes and closures.

One system for all cases

Depending on the area of application, you can choose from two different cabling and communication variants.
This has the advantage that it can be optimized for all conceivable areas of application. In the case of special structural conditions, both variants can also be operated in combination.



Spannung, Strom und Messungen werden per Ethernet Kabel übertragen.

Areas of application:

Bridges, Special constructions, Test objects, Underground garages / parking garages, Tunnels
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KKS Mesh

Spannung und Strom werden separat pro Dose übertragen. Messungen erfolgen über Mesh.

Areas of application:

Bridges, Special constructions, Test objects, Underground garages / parking garages, Tunnels

The basic principle of cathodic corrosion protection

Our references

12 Underground garages/parking garages
1 Tunnels/bridges
3 Special constructions
2 Test objects/research objects

What we can do for you

Tell us what you are planning to build and where, or which building you would like to repair. We will advise you in detail on how you can use our KKS system in the most economical and technically optimal way for your specific case.

We support you in the concrete planning of your KKS system and, if required, take over parts of the project planning and monitoring.

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Markus Sieder


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Customer satisfaction feedback

Recognizing the problem is often more important than having a solution at hand, because in many cases the exact description of the problem leads directly to the solution.

We want you to be completely satisfied with our advice, our planning and our products. That’s why our motto is “Solving problems means listening”. We take this very seriously. Because we want to drive development forward and further develop our future-oriented system.
Your feedback is therefore very important to us, as this is the only way we can define market requirements.