About us

Our vision – our why

At Noxeco, we specialize in the development of innovative products for repair solutions. We see great potential here and want to establish a cost-effective system on the market with the Noxeco system range.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are familiar with the problems in the industry and know exactly where there is a need for optimization and action. With our new KKS system, we are setting a milestone in product development by offering planners and building owners more flexibility with an adaptable KKS system.

Our Noxeco KKS system has a modular design and can be operated extremely economically thanks to its external access and single-cable system. It therefore closes the gap between conventional repair and repair using CP. We offer a KKS system that is innovative in terms of installation and commissioning as well as maintenance and evaluation. The Noxeco KKS system is equally user-friendly for planners and contractors.

Our mission – our how

We are convinced that problems can never be solved with the same mindset that created them.

That’s why our first step in solving problems is to listen very carefully. To you, our customers and business partners; planners, builders and engineers. And, of course, we constantly and attentively follow, observe and pay attention to current science and research.

Our expertise as an independent company lies in the early identification of problems, which we aim to solve through targeted product development.