Noxeco CCP system

Noxeco Smartbox

Our new generation decentralized control and regulation system. Whether regulation, control or measurement technology – the intelligent control unit regulates and measures with high precision and ensures permanent and stable regulation of the individual protected areas.

Noxeco Connector

The Noxeco Connector is responsible for the power supply and is also the interface between the cloud and Smartbox. It is equipped with the following components:

  • Ethernet 8 port
  • W-Lan router
  • POE switch

Noxeco Signal

The Noxeco Signal antenna is a perfect outdoor device for mobile and fixed installations. You get an integrated complete solution with an integrated LTE router and multiband antennas in one housing.

Noxeco Vision

The Noxeco Vision software enables the system to be controlled and monitored remotely and saves all project-relevant information.

Noxeco Discrete Anode

The Noxeco Discrete anode is ideal for use in areas of cracks or joints, allowing the protective current to protect even deeper lying reinforcement.

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